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Upcoming Events!

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Drumline Camp
July 13-17

Mini Camp
July 20-24

Band Camp
July 27-31

First Competition!
Springs Valley Preview
September 5

Ice Cream Social
September 11

Check the website often for news, updates, and pics from this marching season!

Welcome to the 2009 Marching Season!

. . . rehearsal and contest schedule at-a-glance . . .

Grand Opening

With the new season just around the corner, it's important to stay up to date on what's going on in OBR. That's why we've created this site! To the left are all our upcoming events with links to times and places. Along the top is the menu. This can be used to navigate through the site and also to visit the band's main website (OBR Homepage). Below are tips, tricks, and information regarding Oreans Percussion. And to the right are helpful links plus a little band humor. As the season progesses, this homepage with adapt to fit pics, news, and information, so be sure and check back often for all our updates!

Just a reminder that ALL practices are mandatory. Any absence must be approved prior to date of practice. To have an absence approved, you must have a parent or guardian fill out an Excused Absence Form and have it signed by either Kyle or Mr. Burton. Any unexcused absence could result in being sidelined for a competition or being expelled from the line entirely.

Practice, Practice, Practice

All practice and music files will be available for download under the Warm-Up, Exercise, and Music links above. Our line can only be as strong as it's weakest member so practice outside of school is extremely important. Random "pop quizzes" will be given throughout the season to make sure that each member is up to par on technique and drill. If you are having trouble in a particular area, look to the right for links to percussion websites with great tutorials. Also, private lessons can be set up by contacting Kyle at least one week in advance. You can find all his information under the Members link above.

Your Time to Shine

(now available)

Orleans Percussion wouldn't be what it is today without talented, determined members such as yourself. So, let us know what makes Go to the Members link above to customize your own profile. Add photos, links to Facebook or Myspace, and communicate with other members and staff.

Indiana Percussion Association

Source for scores, links and more for drum corps, marching band, and percussion.

Vic Firth

Descriptions of drumsticks, keyboard and timpani mallets, brushes, sponsored drummers, drumming education and news.

Resource site for marching bands throughout the state of Indiana.

10 signs you've been in band too long....

•When you hear music and you start marking time.

•When you walk behind someone and you're in step with them.

•When you try to guess the tempo of your favorite song.

•When all your friends are in the band.

•When you don't mind changing clothes on the bus.

•When you point out key changes and dynamics while listening to the radio.

•When every guy/girl you're interested in is in the band.

•When you like wearing your uniform.

•When people ask you about your social life and you say, "Oh, you mean my flute / trumpet / drum / etc.?"

•When you consider your drill book a fashion accessory.

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